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Legacy Of Surat: Kavinarmadicon

  • iconPlot No.M-9, Scheme No.5, Opposite Umra Police Station, Ghod Dod Road, Athwalines, Surat, Gujarat 395009

The famous poet of Gujarat KaviNarmad was born on August 24,1833 AD, in Surat. His parents were Lalshankarbhai and Navdurgaben. Narmad married Gulabgauri in 1844 AD, at the age of 11, but she passed away in 1853 AD during childbirth. Due to parental pressures, Narmad married Daahigauri in 1856 AD.

In 1850 AD, Narmad established ‘BuddhiwardhakSabha’, and took up teaching as a profession. His first poem was titled ‘Aatmabodh’. He wrote poetry on nature, love, independence, patriotism, etc. He wrote the first ever biography in Gujarati language titled ‘Mari Hakikat’. He also published the first ever dictionary in Gujarati titled ‘Narmadkosh’. Apart from this, he wrote essays, historical artilces and dramas. Narmad established an association of democracy-loving citizens in 1851 AD and started weekly publication of ‘GyanSagar’. During the middle and last half of 19th century, KaviNarmad carried out various activities for upliftment of society.

The house where Narmad lived in 1866 AD is called VirNarmadSaraswatiMandir. The property has now been purchased by Surat Municipal Corporation to be used as a museum after its conservation as a tribute to the poet. KaviNarmad Central Library is a public library in Surat built by the Surat Municipal Corporation in 1991 at GhodDod Road.[3] The library is the largest in the city with 2,26,391 books and a membership of 46,855. It is named after Veer Narmad the famous Gujarati poet from Surat and was opened to public on his 158th birth anniversary.

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