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Heritage of Surat Ovara ghatsicon

  • iconNavdi Bandar Rd, Navdi Bandar, Nanpura, Surat, Gujarat 395001

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The term ‘ghats’ as used in many parts of South Asia refers to a series of steps leading down to a body of water, particularly a holy river. Ovara are the ghats at the banks of tapi, built around 1625 AD were generally used for washing and bathing. Ghanta Ovara, Navdi Ovara and Raja Ovara are points where the city streets end at the river side. Ghanta Ovara was the original entry point into Surat for foreigners as it led to Furza, the Mughal customs house. Here the emperor's messages were read out at a huge bell which hung overhead at the entry point. Raja Ovara was exclusively used for royalty and their commodities. This is the place from where King Durjasingh crossed the River Tapi in 1752 AD and there after known as ‘Raja Ovara’ while Navdi Ovara was dominated by Dutchmen who loaded and unloaded their factory goods.

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