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Heritage Of Surat: Nagarsheth Ni Haveliicon

  • iconપંડોળ ની પોળ, Nanavat, Surat, Gujarat 395003

Nagarsheth-ni-haveli Nagarsheth-ni-haveli Nagarsheth-ni-haveli Nagarsheth-ni-haveli

Nagarsheth ni haveli which is 400 years old has a historical structure and a rich past associated with it. The haveli originated with Shri Jagannath Sheth who was a wealthy broker and an influential person in negotiations between the Nawabs and the East India Company. For his efficiency and loyalty, Shri Jagannath Sheth was given the title of ‘Nagarsheth’ in 1759 by Sultan Muhammad Shah of Delhi and was gifted the land of Dhamdachha village. The haveli has an ancient rain water harvesting system installed in the basement which would suffice the residents for four to five months after the monsoons. When the city was raided by the Marathas, the residents took all of their wealth and went ‘underground’ which would then lead to a secret passage to the bank of the river and thus flee the city. Many of these basements have been closed or filled up due to modifications made in the structure. The doors in the haveli were also designed to make different noises on opening, so that anyone could identify the movement within the haveli and thus protect themselves from any further attacks. Today 75-year-old Rameshbhai Nagarsheth and his brother Navinchandrabhai Nagarsheth are the 10th generation descendants of the family.

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