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Heritage of Surat Gopi Talavicon

  • iconRustampura, Surat, Gujarat 395002

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GopiTalav is located in Navsari Bazar area and it was built in 1510 AD. The talav was built by rich trader MalekGopi who was originally a resident of Vadnagar area.

About 1496 AD, when Gopi came and settled in Surat and he attracted other rich traders in the city. He is said to have built large houses, a garden and a small lake. Gopipura and Ranichakla are the city areas named after him. Portuguese chronicles describe MalekGopi as Governor of surat. GopiTalav, which holds historic importance for Surat, is beautifully redeveloped by SMC.

Also the Mythology, describes that being pleased with Kapil Muni’s devotion, the Sun God along with His entire family had settled in this region as Kantarswami. Suryapur got its name from Sun, Randher from His wife Rannade, RiverTapi from his daughter Tapi. Ashwinikumar, an area near Surat, got its name from His son. Okha and Sandhiyer got their names from His daughters Usha and Sandhya.

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