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What makes a house looks luxurious? Sure, the interior designs, the antiques and the paintings on the wall will tell tales but what makes a house look luxurious is the bathroom of the house. People designing the house will spend much energy and time thinking about the design of the living room and the bedroom, but they spend equal amount of time designing the bathrooms. Reflecting your style, the Balaji Sanitary House provides a wide range of products that will transform your washrooms into one of the desired hotel bathrooms that you absolutely adore.

They have products for everyone; even the commoner can afford it and antique pieces for the aristocrats. They are engaged in wholesaling, retailing, importing & exporting of sanitary-ware, bathroom fittings, tiles and other plumbing requisites. They offer entire bathroom solutions suited for all type of budgets. They have developed relationships with leading domestic suppliers to serve their clients.

Their products range from sanitary ware, bath fittings, flushing systems, shower panels, bath tubs, shower trays, bath accessories, faucets, kitchen products, heaters and plumbing requisites. So if you are planning to remodel your bathrooms and design them to give your luxurious style, make sure to visit Balaji Sanitary House.

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