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  • iconSilver Point, Galaxy Circle, Green City Road, Pal, Adajan, Surat,

  • icon072030 00400, 095580 34707
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Whether it’s a childhood dream or an adulthood passion, if have powerful or compelling emotion or feeling of love toward clothing then this dream can now become a reality with “QueenZ The Design Institute”.

Fashion has the power to empower one as well. A medium that has been shaped and changed over time due to cultural changes but also historical and the ever present social changes that are still, and will do, changing. How what we wear and who made it can impact us as individuals. How our actions can be influenced as a result of whether one feels confident in what they're wearing.

Fashion is more than just clothing. It symbols empowerment. Your style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall confidence. How important and empowering the right clothes, and even the right under garments, can be for a person. For young women, discovering your place and direction in the world may feel tough and treacherous but this is made possible and quite easy by Mayur Patel- the founder of QueenZ The Design Institute.

QueenZ provide a Diploma course of 1 year covering topics like Basic Drawing, Croqui Designing, Theme Based Designing, Different Methods of Stitching, Paper and Fabric Drafting, Hand Embroidery, Portfolio Making, Computer Design / Fashion Cad, Theme Based Garments and many others. The other course is of Apparel Designing which is a 6-months course, covering Different Methods of Stitching, Surface Ornamentation, Garment Construction, Pattern Making, Project Report, Customer’s Garments, Portfolio Making and such.

So go ahead, Live your dream proudly with QueenZ The Design Institute.

Address:Silver Point, Galaxy Circle, Green City Road, Pal, Adajan, Surat,

Mobile no: 072030 00400, 095580 34707

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