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It is 6:00 am in the morning, you have to get up, make food for your kids, for your husband, and pack their lunches. You have to boil the water for drinking, you have to heat the water for the kids to bathe and amidst all this hustle and bustle is the time when the stove decides to not work properly or you fear getting electrocuted by the heating rod for the water and BAM! It is time for your kids waking up and getting ready for school and no work has been done yet.

This is where Ketan Gas Services Pvt. Ltd comes to the rescue, with their one-stop-shop for all the kitchen gas stoves, pilot burners, portable double burners, LPG gas stoves, Gas water heaters, Solar Geyser, RO water purifiers, chimneys, etc. Ketan Gas Services Pvt. Ltd, was incorporated in the 1988, and since then, they know what a common Indian man needs and perfectly delivers their demands. They have the latest model of stoves, electric chimneys, portable burners, mixers, grinders, RO water purifiers, air coolers, microwave oven, barbeque grills, with the incorporation of latest technology and advancement.

Ketan Gas Services Pvt. Ltd also provide services on any defects, requirements, inspection needed by the products. So the next time you are in need of a new, reliable and a best product or any services related to the products brought from them, Contact them or visit them.

Address:G-11 Western Arena, Trinity Mall Lane, Madhuvan Circle,Green City Road, Adajan Surat, Gujarat

phone no:0261 247 3149

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