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Your Body is Listening- Are you Talking?icon

Continuing with the trilogy series of alternative healing modalities today we use the largest organ of our body -the skin to heal ourselves by giving it commands to maintain the homeostasis of our body to keep us healthy.

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~ Hippocrates

Our Bodies have an innate intelligence to heal itself which all of us have experienced at some or the other point in our lives , We have had cuts ,burns, bruises, scratches, sprains and we have seen them healing in some days . The body repairs itself to the best of its ability. Decades of believing in the magical power of allopathic medicines we stand firm in our belief that for every ailment big or small the pill is the remedy. Our trust and belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself has been more or less washed away from our memory.

This post today brings to you a very simple method to activate the body’s innate healing capacity known as the MIR- Method. MIR method is a very simple yet very effective method which works on a spectrum of ailments-physical, mental or emotional. The name MIR stands for Mental and Intuitive reset. This gift to humanity was developed in 2009 by holistic therapist “MireilleMettes” from The Netherland, Europe.

Doing the MIR method takes only 2 minutes morning and evening. Do it for at least 4 weeks. After four weeks give a gap of a week and begin again. The method is simple and involves stroking your hands lovingly as if you are stroking the hand of your beloved and saying out aloud the 9 statements.

The 9 steps of the MIR- Method.

Optimise Acidity.

Detox all toxicity.

Detach father, Detach Mother.

Clear Meridians.

Supplement all shortages.

Balance hormone system.

Fulfil basic needs.

Optimise chakras and aura.

My personal experience with this method with myself, my family and clients has been magnificent. Such a Simple method which barely takes any time yet is extremely effective. Use it for yourself and know the benefits .The next time you are tempted to pop a pill to ease that little irritant pause and allow your body to heal itself.

Stroke yourself to Health.

Angelic Blessings

Swati Anurag
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