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The Universe Communicates...Tune In To Listenicon

The universe is always speaking to us... sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more. Nancy Thayer.

Seeing my sister off at the railway station, driving back home there was a lot of introspection ,Life, Life Purpose, karma, relationships, failure ,regrets, enlightenment and Liberation and in that moment I put a question to God . “Does Death Liberate”? And there right in front of me was a big Billboard on which was written “Life is Beautiful” with white against a pink backdrop, Pink representing love and white represents Spirituality. So Liberation is not in death but in a life lived ethically, beautifully with love and compassion.

Universe always amazes me with its continuous flow of communication, giving us signs and symbols that so directly correlate to our individual circumstances that coincidence becomes impossibility. Little messages from the universe are subtle, sweet and are ever-present. They are there guiding us on our path. All we have to do is listen from a deeper spot within us and let the miracle unfold. Most of the time we are so full of our own ideas of how things should be, when should it happen and in this space of being attached to our own stories we resist the Universe’s wisdom instead of allowing it to work with us. There is always this option of tuning in and asking ourselves “Am I resisting the flow or moving along with it.” When we give up on out time lines and the ways and accept that the Universe know Best it is in this trusting, listening and not resisting that the most easiest and most advantageous path opens to us.

The Universe communicates with us in various ways. It doesn’t have any limits on how it will speak to you. You will read messages in the newspaper, books, the backside of a vehicle, a perfect quote; somebody may show up at your workplace wearing a T-shirt with a particular phrase on it, a perfect song. For me every time I feel a little low, there is this song which will play on some FM channel “Tunajaneaas pass haikhuda” you may find feathers, overhear some conversation which may answer your dilemma. Maybe you’ll notice patterns in dealing with the people in your life, such as conversations about a specific topic that you cannot escape for a few days. What you choose to wear on a particular day, the colour of your garment is a symbol. Another very fascinating way is through the repeated number sequence which we see. We will take up the number sequence in a separate post. Sometimes when we are desperate and operate from the mind we force signs. A true or authentic sign will have a resonance in your heart, it gives you goose bumps or you will just know that this is it for you.

For me symbols are as much as part of my reality as the sun and the moon and I dream of a world where each one of us pays attention to signs and messages. A world where we understand that God speaks to us every moment. A world, where we tune in to the frequency and understand the language of The Universe which is subtle yet profound, simple yet effective.

Be more aware, it is in your inner stillness and silence that you will decipher the meaning and listen to the wisdom of the cosmos. Silence the cacophony; to remove the blinders and the messages will be crystal clear.

Angelic Blessings

Swati Anurag

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