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” You know what happens when we touch!”

Rumi says:

You know what happens when we touch!

You laugh like the sun coming up laughs

at a star that disappears into it.

Love opens my chest and thought

returns to its confines.

Patience and rational considerations leave.

Only passion stays. Whimpering and feverish…

When you feel your lips becoming infinite

and sweet, like moon in sky….

let me show you one tiny spot of beauty

that can’t be spoken….

How uplifting it is to receive a hug or a kiss when feeling low. When the hand is held lovingly how soothing it is. In that moment of being held in a loving embrace, the concerns dissolve and the world becomes a better place. Embraced in hugs you come alive, When words fail a touch says it all. A touch can break boundaries and connect two people in a close relationship

Touch is powerful, it is essential, it is healing, It is therapeutic, yet we shy from it. I know for myself that when I feel anxious, a hug calms me down instantaneously. When you find yourself to be a bundle of nerves ask for a hug. Touching each other deepens a relationship and a lack of touch can ruin it. When expressing feelings physical contact plays a crucial role.

Studies show that when babies are touch deprived, their growth and development is affected. In spite of touch being a natural necessity, we live in a world where people are conditioned not to touch. Hugs are frowned upon, holding hand is considered to be PDA and a loving touch is reserved for romantic partners. When a mother touches a hurt child, it is the tender touch that heals more than the medicine. When a friend holds your hand when you are breaking inside, it is all the therapy you need.

Today through the social networking sites, we make many friends across the globe which gives us a false sense of comfort and cared for feeling. On a day when you reach home exhausted, It does not matter how many friends you have across the different platforms, All you seek is hands that holds, arms that embrace, talks that comfort. This is the connect which is healing and comforting. Touch is a way of feeling of going beyond the superficial into the deeper layers of our being .Being touch starved is being love starved. The irony is we neglect this most uplifting act of love. Touching someone just feels so good! Whether it’s a squeeze of the hand or a big bear hug, a relationship is incomplete without touch. Touch is as essential as an eye contact or a smile.

When we are touched the body release the happiness hormone the endorphin which is the greatest immunity booster. There are many more benefits to touch Listed Below are few.:

1 We feel connected to others.

2 Touch reduces anxiety.

3 It helps us to bond deeply.

4 Touch lowers blood pressure.

5 Touch makes us more optimistic.

6 Touch gives us the sensory input that we crave.

7. Touch makes us feel loved, appreciated and secure.

So, hug , cuddle & caress more! .

Angelic Blessings

Swati Anurag

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