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Love is what we are as love is our natural state of being sometimes made discordant by the emotions of hurt, anger, resentment and guilt. Add to your lives a dash of forgiveness to live joyous and fulfilled. Practising forgiveness brings us to a space which is serene and peaceful.

In the words of Martin Luther King forgiveness is not an occasional act it’s a constant attitude. So the next time you find the demons of anger hurt guilt and resentment raising their heads pause ponder and go back to forgiveness with a simple statement chanting a few times

I ( your name ) Forgive you ..( Other person’s name ) Please forgive me and release me. Love Thanks Divine Light Change.

Forgiving is letting go of anger and fear

Forgiving is to let go of our thoughts which weakens us.

Forgiving is releasing…releasing the memory, the person and the situation.

Forgiving is therapeutic.

Forgiving is liberating.

What is forgiveness for?

Forgiveness is a beautiful mirror of our own challenges and drawbacks which inherently allows us to access our light from darkness - Says Shilpa a CoTraveller on the path.

Forgiveness transforms your energy from deep anguish to deep peace.

Forgiveness is for your own thoughts and judgement about a person or event.

Forgiveness is being aware of the behaviour without anger and resentment and without desiring to change.

Forgiveness is to bring in the change within to manifest a change outside.

Forgiveness is giving love without the participation of the resisting ego.

Forgiveness is clearing and cleansing energy. It uncovers what is hidden.

Forgiving is not supporting or encouraging another person's arrogance or infidelity or immorality.

Forgiving does not want you to put up with the person... Forgiving is a command to your ego-mind to go above your anger or fear to have new ideas; to view differently.

Love Light & Grace!

Angelic Blessings!

Swati Anurag

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