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Personal Year – Your Cosmic Destinyicon

Personal Year –Your Cosmic Destiny

Happy 2018! The New Year as we all know is a time of introspection and reflecting upon the moments of the year gone by. Experiences that rejuvenated our energy and wellbeing and the lessons that helped us to transcend the memories and move forward on our soul journey.

Though every day of our lives is a fresh start and an opportunity for change, there’s something special about the transition from one year to the next. It feels so much more definite, more inspiring. As the New Year sets in, varied prediction from different esoteric sciences start pouring in. Let me today help you to understand how the energy of 2018 will shape your experience.

Every Year as the calendar changes your personal numerology changes too. The shift in number creates a vibrational shift in our lives .How this change in energy affects us an individual is referred to as a personal year number. Knowing your personal year number is like knowing the celestial weather .You can plan in accordance to divine timing.

How to find your personal year number:

The personal year number is calculated in the following way .Say for example your date of birth is 8th June 1968 and you would like to know your personal year number for 2018.

First reduce the year to a single digit, you do this by adding all the digits together then keep reducing them to single digits.

2018 will be 2+0+1+8 = 11

Since 11 is a master number it is not further reduced.

June is the 6th month =6

8th = 8

2018 as calculated above =11

So the sum of all three is 6+8+11 =25

25 is further reduced to 2+5=7

So the personal year for this date of birth is 7

Let us take another example of double digit birthday:

26th February 1997

February is 2nd month = 2

26th is reduced to (2+6=8)

2018 is = 11

For this Date of Birth the personal year will be 2+8+11 =21

21 is further reduced to 2+1 =3

So the personal year comes to a 3

Now let us take a look at what personal year numbers mean:

Personal Year 1: A year of new beginnings, seed-planting and high energy.

Personal Year 2: A year of relationships, sensitivity and cooperation.

Personal Year 3: A year of creativity, motivation and inspiration.

Personal Year 4: A year of hard work, discipline and opportunities.

Personal Year 5: A year of change, freedom and unpredictability.

Personal Year 6: A year of responsibility, domestic affairs and service.

Personal Year 7: A year of contemplation, self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Personal Year 8: A year of reward, respect and recognition.

Personal Year 9: A year of completion, release and transformation.

May you have a satisfying and exhilarating year whichever personal year you are in.

Angelic Blessings

Swati Anurag

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