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Life’s Echo’s - The Law of Resonance!icon


A long day at work left me energetically exhausted and all I wanted was a cup of tea and some moments to me. Upon reaching home holding the cup of tea, I went and sat on the swing in the balcony. The slight swaying of the swing, the orange of the sky as the day gives into the whispers of night, the flock of birds flying back home and the gentle evening breeze, all of it never fails to soothe the frayed nerves and tired tissues.

While I sipped on the tea, I picked up my mobile and scrolled through Whatsapp messages. There was one particular conversation from a person from the healing fraternity with updates on his various upcoming workshops. I requested him to please remove me from the broadcast list. He said sure and minutes later I get a message from him saying “Possibly you may have problems with me on Facebook so I am unfriending you”

Taken aback for a moment I wrote back to him, “No issues” and in my mind said… “Such fragile egos, if this is the soul state you are at what is it that you are imparting” and within fraction of a second an Inner Voice said… Shhh… No Judgments please, Go back to the center, as awareness rose within I realised if this experience has come to me it is only because of my resonance with this state of consciousness. The fragile ego and the only way to avoid such situation in future is to cleanse the memories related to this soul state within, however small the percentage maybe, be it 1% 0r .5% and this dear readers simply put is “The Law of Resonance.” the explanation behind every experience experienced by us as we walk on Planet earth.

The Divine law of Resonance states that everything that is experienced by us in the material world be it the positive or the negative is a manifestation of what we have within ourselves, within our cellular memories stored over lifetimes, the outside is an amplifying event and a trigger but it is never the cause; the real cause comes from the inside, from our inner memories. Memories of lack inside will create poverty on the outside, lack of self-love will make us long for love in our relationships yet until and unless we fill our cups with love for the self it will never be enough.

Law of resonance is all about our vibrations, the vibrations we emit, everything we emanate comes back to us. As the saying goes, “Smile and the world Smiles with you”. When we emanate love, love comes back to us. When we exhibit anger, anger comes back to us. So friends, Cleanse your memories to vibrate at the frequencies of love, joy, harmony and abundance to live a life which feels abundant and fulfilled.

Celebrate but do not pollute….Celebrate but do not misuse the natural resources….Celebrate for the spirit of the festival and not to compete…Celebrate because celebration is a way of life….Stay joyous, enjoy the festivities and share the happiness!

BE Love ! Be Joy ! Be Abundant!

Angelic Blessings!

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