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Hugs –Magical, Mystical, And Therapeutic!icon

In this week long celebration of love “Valentine day “Aday is dedicated to hugs which is popularly known as the “Hug day”. Haven’t we all experienced the magic of a loving embrace when all the anxiety dissipated within seconds in the arms of our loved ones? Don’t we all love a surprise hug from our friends and family? Hug is considered to be one of the primary displays of affection between human beings which is comforting and deep. It warms the heart, elates our emotions and the warmth lingers for hours making us feel loved, cared and protected. It’s a very special way of touching, making us accept ourselves better and feel more accepted by others.

Hugs are therapeutic, they are natural stress relievers, it makes our loved ones realise how important they are. It provides reassurance and is one of the best ways to express love. Silently it says; You are important to me. Nothing is cozier than a hug. Whether it’s a mama-daughter embrace or a sweet squeeze with our significant other, they make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Hugs not only satisfy our emotional needs they bring to us a lot of health benefits also.

Benefits of an embrace: When we are hugged the brain release endorphins which helps our body to heal. A hug can ease a headache, reduce anxiety and depression, calms the nerves, helps us to overcome fears, cure insomnia, stimulate the senses, bring joy , calms the soul, and in it lies the elixir of youth.

Hugs up our happiness quotient as when we are held in a loving embrace it lifts the level of “serotonin” the happiness hormone. Hugs don’t just bring us closer to others physically: they also trigger the release of “oxytocin”, a chemical associated with bonding. "Studies show that people feel better and more connected to their partner when they hug or touch frequently, Hugs build trust and a feeling of security in a relationship. When we physically connect through a hug, it makes us feel emotionally and psychologically connected to the other person, it calms us, and it shows support. The increased oxytocin in our body helps in healing anger and loneliness." Hugs ease stress. Hugs cure pain; they bring to us the joy of living in the present.

A hug without a word communicates and expresses our emotion with ease. A hug can be joyful, playful, comforting soothing. In a lovers hug is longing, in a friends hug is joy and a mother’s hug is full of care .Whatever it is that you want to convey and feel go give that hug to you friend lover, significant other or a child. The joys of jaddukijhappi experience more often every day!

Angelic Blessings

Swati Anurag

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