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Davinder was born on 18 December 1988 in Punjab in Chak Shakur town in Jalandhar. His dad is a small agriculturist and monetary issues constrained him to acquire cash in various circumstances, including from his comrade and junior World Record holder Neeraj Chopra.

His ascent in the game is not an overnight accomplishment as he has worked truly hard in the previous couple of years both all through the National Camp. He has lost 25kg in most recent year and a half keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish ideal wellness.

Davinder does not just serve his country in the field of games. He is likewise an Army NaibSubedar and has prepared various junior Javelin hurlers.

Kang could have shot into spotlight substantially before, however he was compelled to miss the 2010 CommonWealth Games due to a cracked leg.

His investment in the World Championship was in question after NADA discovered hints of pot in his Indian Grand Prix urine test. He asserted to have devoured it as 'thandai' as he had a consistent fever and seeping from the nose.

He didn't have great relations with the previous National Coach Garry Calvert and in this manner was excluded in the National Camp. He guaranteed that the Australian once said that Davinder would never progress.

The 28-year-old has been conveying damage since the Indian Grand Prix in Delhi in May and took part in the capabilities with his right shoulder strapped. The shoulder grieved him in the continuous World Championships too however he plans to shed the torment off for his nation.

The trouble did not end here for Davinder as he and Neeraj were sent to the World Championships without a mentor. He at last needed to depend on taking help for his technique and shoulder from his Sri Lankan companion WarunaRankothPedige.

His toss of 84.22m was superior to that of 2016 Rio Olympics gold medallist Thomas Rohler from Germany and silver medallist Julius Yego from Kenya as he completed in fifth place among 16 rivals in his gathering.

Davinder could well have missed the World Championships and didn't know the most recent day on the off chance that he was going. Authorities in the AFI were incredulous about sending him and in a meeting, they even talked about dropping him since he was not viewed as an award prospect.

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