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Emotions are energy in motion and we, as human beings, experience a wide variety of them all our lives. Like a shadow they are our constant companion. Within them, emotions carry a power to change our perception and our reality. Our inner weather determines our state of being .When we are joyous inside, life and world is a happy place to be, sadness and anxiety leaves us with the 3 D’s: Dejected, Depressed and Demotivated.

The link between emotions and illness has long been established. At the root of every disease, be it big or small, chronic or otherwise is an associated emotion. The environmental conditions leading to a disease is but a trigger. With coughing the associated emotion is a desire to be heard, Fever is anger burning up, cold is constant thoughts and a running nose is silent unexpressed tears looking for a release. The back pain, the knee pain, Heart attacks are all psychosomatic

As most diseases are psychosomatic in nature (mind (psyche) and body (soma)) to be healthy and happy be conscious of the emotions that you feed on. Feel them fully when they arise but come back to your center. Emotions are meant to be experienced and not suppressed. Every suppressed emotion creates an energy blockage which over a period of time will manifest into a disease. Look after your emotional health just as look after the physical.

Self Help that works : The Jin Shin Jyutsu finger hold.

Holding the thumb and the fingers every day is an excellent way to gently cleanse, harmonise and revitalise our 144,000 energy functions. The effects over time are cumulative, so more you hold the fingers quicker the effect. To do these simply wrap the fingers of the right hand gently around the thumb and the fingers of the left hand one by one. When we do so every day for a few minutes and chant the associated phrase 28 times each, we can calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, and regenerate our whole being.

Hold the thumb for worry, Chant CANCEL CANCEL

Hold the index finger for Anxiety, Chant BLUFF COVER

Hold the middle finger for Anger, Chant CLEAR BE

Hold the Ring finger for Grief, Chant Carpe-Diem

Hold the Little finger for trying (too hard), Chant GOLD RESOLVE

After this put the index, middle and the ring finger at the centre of you palm.

Vitalised and energetic you are ready to go!

Angelic Blessings!!!

Swati Anurag

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