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Full Moon Magic : Harnessing Its Healing Energies!icon


Everything around us has an effect on something within us – be it our exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UVR), looking at the morning sky, taking a walk in the forest, or swimming in the sea – nature’s beauty prompts the flow of hormones and energy in our body. The moon in all its beauty and glory has a profound effect on the human psyche. Imagine its immense pull on water on earth which makes the tides rise and the ocean soar to the magnetic pull that exists between Earth and the moon. Our bodies are 80% water and the moon energies in its different phases affects our psyche in more ways than one... It is woven into the fabric of our classic literature, poetry and music. While there are studies and researches to establish the connection between the phases of moon and effects on our emotions there are also ways, means and ritual to harness the moon energy. The energy of the new moon helps in manifestation and the full moon is a time of release. This is the perfect time for releasing that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in life or an aspect of you that you have outgrown.

Sharing a Release ritual today .A full moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke this releasing , Letting Go , unburdening yourself purging .

What you need: Paper, Pen, matches, candle, Two small bowls, water.

1. Find a quiet place to sit, de clutter, put some incense, play some light music.

2. Light the candle, fill one small bowl with water, place both in from of you along with the other empty bowl.

3. Take a deep breath and begin to write what you want to release from your life, what limiting belief you want to be free from, what no longer serves you, and what you want to let go.

4. When you have finished your list, sign and date the page.

5. Take a deep breath and declare I now let this go .And it is so.

6. Burn the paper in the candle flame and watch the flames consume what you are releasing with the smoke your intentions are reaching the Universe.

Watch how the paper is burning, if it is struggling you are not ready to release, the faster the flames the more willing you are to let go.

7. Step out in the open and blow away the ashes saying I now let it go.

8. Place your hands in the bowl of water. This signifies the cleansing of the old and opening to the new.

Remove your hand from the bowl.

Sit quietly for some time & allow the candle burn.

Be guided by your intuition as you do the ritual. If you want to make some changes follow what your heart calls out for. This moon cycle perform the ritual today next month onwards do it on the night of the full moon.

Angelic Blessings!!!

Swati Anurag

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