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Face Your Anger With Loveicon

Swati Anurag

As I sat thinking about what goes for the post this week "The higher self "whispered Anger and the mind said No, something else. A few hours later as I sat with eyes closed, without a conscious trigger, anger rose within me as a rage. Seething-surging, as if the Universe wanted me to feel the anger in the collective consciousness of the humanity in all its intensity and spectrum. The inner weather changed, a tsunami of emotions rose and as I did the finger hold to calm it all down. The insights started dawning.

Anger is a secondary emotion. Simply put, it means that anger is a surface reaction to a deep seated issue or a feeling stemming from our fears or feelings, feeling of being humiliated, wronged, unloved, uncared, rejected. It can arise from the sadness at the way we are treated by our family, friends, and colleagues. Anger is often a carry forward of what we had experienced as a child during the formative years when expressing our anger is a big No-No.

Observing our anger when it rises allows us an opening into our inner world, inner wounds, unmet expectations, vulnerability, helplessness, and powerlessness. Anger is a mask to cover our fears and helplessness. In its own way, it puts people off so that a barrier is erected and people can't come close to hurt you.

When anger rises within you, it reflects upon the trigger as knowing it and what it means to us, creates an opportunity to heal and transform. As the inner world gets healed we attract fewer situations that cause anger.

The next time you meet someone angry. Offer Love, Offer Compassion. Anger responded with anger will cause more agitation and more anger within you and within the other. Understand it's a cry for help. It's a cry to be loved.

Together, Let us make the world a more loving space.

Angelic Blessings!

Practical Tip: When you find the anger rising wrap the finger and the thumb of the right hand around the middle finger of the left. Chant "CLEAR BE "28 times. Take a deep breath and feel it subsiding.

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