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As I gazed at the funeral pyre stunned, unable to think or breathe, unwilling to accept the truth .The flames crackled ferociously and I stood there helpless. Tears rolled freely and lips moved in silent prayer. All of it triggered a series of thoughts which in Hindi is known as “shamshan vairagya” wherein we question our existence, our life purpose, the importance of relationships, and the futility of working round the clock to fulfil our desires. Lost into a multitude of thoughts I felt the importance of conscious living and conscious death.

We drift through our lives without being aware of the gift life is. We encompass wealth, we judge, we discriminate, we hold grudges, anger, jealousy, hatred leaving very little space for love, compassion and friendship. There are so many filters through which we view life, situations and people; but in death what is it that we take and what is that we leave behind? What we take with us is the karma created by our action, words, thoughts and deeds. What we leave behind are the memories of how we lived. Living in awareness of our deeds and actions is Living Life consciously wherein we make right choices. If you feel that you’re drifting through life, and not going where you want to go or that you don’t know how you reached where you are today then this is an indication of living unconsciously Living consciously is living life by bringing to the consciousness what is bubbling in the unconsciousness. Clearing the fog through which we often drift, to see where we are going, to make conscious choices instead of automatic ones.

Living consciously is about taking control of your life, about thinking about your decisions rather than making them without thought, about creating our life rather than settling for the one that happens to us. Living consciously is a lifestyle, a skill, an art. It is simple yet takes time and perseverance: Be conscious, and think before anything you do. Make conscious choices rather than being on the autopilot mode.

Living consciously become easy when we reflect on our life regularly, set and review our life’s goal’s intermittently, review our relationships and do what is necessary, appreciate ,apologise, forgive to maintain harmony and peace. Keep a check on how you spend your time and resources .Time audits helps us to make conscious decision to utilise the time more efficiently and conscious spending helps to be mindful of the money we spend.

Last but not the least step aside and watch yourself from a neutral perspective. Are you the best version of yourself if not what steps you need to take and then work upon yourself to be the most authentic and magnificent child of God.

Live Conscious! Live In Awareness!

Angelic Blessings!!!

Swati Anurag

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