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After we bid adieu to GanapatiBappa and come back, I realise a shift in the energies of the home. In his presence was an exuberance and in his absence, a stillness…a quiet… as if after exteriorisation it was time to interiorise, to go within, to integrate the energies which his presence had bought.

When it comes to celebrating festivals a spiritually inclined person might just say, all of life is a celebration, every day a festival, ‘We are all that is...Within us is every it the Krishna, the Christ, the Durga or the Ganesha’ . Someone who looks for a reason to live life to the fullest will find festivals a reason to indulge in a lot of merry making.

My realisation with festivities and celebrations is when we celebrate them in our physical reality, it brings profound shift in our inner world. In our routines, we get so engrossed that we carry stress unnoticed 24*7,365 days. Festivals bring to us a much needed shift and a relief from this unacknowledged stress.

The preparations bring about closeness within the family and the family works as a complete unit which brings greater bonding and harmony. The rituals that make a festival bring with them a shift in the energies of the home and us as well. The burning of the Diya, the AkhandJyot, the incense sticks, the ringing of the bells, the sound of the conch shell are all so intricately woven into our rituals and each one of them help clear the energies that have been stuck around our homes subtly yet profoundly.The mantra and the chants balance the energies of our chakras which in turn bring about certain grounding and a certain elevation in our soul states. It brings peaceful co-existence within and without. The adoration and celebration purify the spirit in us.

When we celebrate, the whole existence participates with us. When the inner love, inner joy awakens only then the doors to meet the ultimate, the eternal opens up. Hence Celebrate to your heart’s content. Although when I say ‘celebrate to your heart’s content’ I do not imply that mother earth be treated recklessly, celebrate in awareness so as not to harm the environment.

Celebrate but do not pollute….Celebrate but do not misuse the natural resources….Celebrate for the spirit of the festival and not to compete…Celebrate because celebration is a way of life….Stay joyous, enjoy the festivities and share the happiness!

Angelic Blessings!

As suggested by Sir naran S Balakumarwe can chant “VallabhamGajanananEkdanthum” to receive the blessings of Lord Ganesha and to resolve Vighna(problems) in life. Chant as many times as you desire.

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