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As we sat chatting over a cup of his favourite green tea and I, an adarakwali, a term “Energy Injections” came up. Intrigued by it, I asked Dr.AmresshJi Mehta (Energy Dynamics Auditor) this sounds fascinating. From there ensued an interesting discussion on how our dwellings affect our harmony, happiness and success based on the energies that flows through our homes i.e. the energy dynamics of our homes.

He further said that when the occupants of a house feel frustrated, dissatisfied with life, our aspiration are not met, our relationships are not harmonious, money flow is not what we desire, breakdown of appliances is frequent these are some of the indications that the energy flow in our home is not balanced.

Adding more to the topic he further said Energy flow in our living spaces consists of two prime types of energies. One is the cosmic energy and the other is telluric energy. Telluric energy is the energy that is emitted from the Earth down below and is vertical in nature and remains a constant all across our living space. Cosmic energy on the other hand is horizontal in nature and will have a different flow in diff rooms. The beauty of these energies is that we can measure it digitally through instruments which have energy matrix which helps us to diagnose the severity of the issue.

Shedding light on measuring the energy flow, he said there are digital instruments with the help of which energy flow can be measured and the instrument also measure the impact of the energy flow on the people living in the household. The matrix within the instruments indicates if the energy imbalance is borderline, bad or very bad. This also helps you to know which room is causing the disruption.

Bringing clarity to the reading, it suggests ways of balancing whether it can be fixed by chanting or various other modalities and the duration of its efficacy or do we need energy intervention through energy injection. Energy injections are sets of herbs, minerals and oils which are made according to the required wavelength of the space. These energy injections balance the frequency of the living spaces, optimizing the frequency of the space with the aspiration and expectation of the people living there and bringing them to fruition.

I listened to all of this mesmerized , integrating , pondering how every aspect of our life is affected by all sorts of frequencies found in the cosmos, in nature, in our names , in our homes, in our environment. So when they say "it’s all about Energy" it is the ultimate Truth.

Align the energies of your home to be Prosperous,Happy and Abundant.

Few tips to balance energies:-

1. Sprinkle Cinnamon powder in the corners of the rooms.

2. Mopping with salt water once a week.

3. Keep your house clutter free.

4. Burn camphor.

5. Play mantra regularly as it is an effective way to balance the energies.

Angelic Blessings!!!

Swati Anurag

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