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The “My Movie, My Food” campaign emerges victoriousicon

Surat : The “My Movie, My Food” campaign was initiated by citizens against the restrictions imposed by theatres on bringing outside eatables and water. All the work put into this campaign has finally gotten the citizens to emerge victorious.After Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) served a notice to Cinepolis Multiplex located in Adajan asking it to remove food counters and stalls inside the lobby on the third floor last month, four other restaurants and food courts inside multiplexes in various parts of the city, too, have been forced to shut down and that eight restaurants in four multiplexes and theatres served notices.

The campaign was started by Society For Citizen Centric Governance (SCCG) to spread awareness among moviegoers to carry their own food and water bottles inside the theatres after multiplex owners began illegally to prevent people from carrying outside food so that they could earn big profits from their own restaurants.

People all over the city are applauding this campaign and saying that it was a necessary step that had to be taken.

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