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The Flood Relief Material sent from Surat Art Of Livingicon

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The-Flood-Relief-Material-sent-from-Surat-Art-Of-Living1 The-Flood-Relief-Material-sent-from-Surat-Art-Of-Living2 The-Flood-Relief-Material-sent-from-Surat-Art-Of-Living3

Many areas from Surat like, Adajan, Varacha, Udhna, Olpad, Athwalines&Bhatar has joined hands along with Surat teachers for SEVA WORK to send Flood Relief Material all across Ahmedabad. Nearly 300 members have come together under the leadership of FalguniNanavati, Manish Pastagia, PravinRupareliya, KamleshSoni, Jitu Patel, Rita Khatlawala, Manish Mali, AnanyaUttamchandani, LalitDomadiya& Dinesh Choudhary to help the victims.

A detailed list of food kits and packets sent out for helping the victims

2000 Grain Kits*

2100 Food Packets

1000 Sarees

1250 Blankets

58 Cartons Biscuits

5500 pairs Clothes

3500 water bottle

6500 water pouches

4 Cartons Generic Medicines

5 carton Dry Snacks

200 kg onion

500 kg potato

2512 pairs Sleepers

A total of 5 trucks were loaded with the Flood Relief material and food. The trucks were sent to the Banaskantha District.

The Basic Grain Kit includes following material each costing 850₹

1. Rice-2 KG

2. Tuvar daal-1KG

3. Muṅga Dal-1 KG

4. Chinese-1 KG

5. Oil-1 KG

6. Desire-250 grams

7. Matches-2 Box

8. Candle-2 Box

9. Gēhū Flour-5 KG

10. Molasses-1 KG

11. Salt-1 KG

12. Chilli-200 grams

13. Haldi-100 grams

14. Cumin-100 grams

15. राइ-100ग्राम

16. Onion-1 KG

17. Potato-2 KG

The work is still under progress. More and more people are coming forward to lend their helping hand and more relief material is under its way.

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