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Surat Preparing If Nipah Hitsicon

A quick response team has been set up for Nipah Virus in case there are any outbreaks of this infection. The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has put the citizens health first and has taken the responsibility of setting up a response team as a precautionary step. There is a large presence of fruit orchards,bats and pigs in Valsad and Navsari districts which aid in the spread of NiV.

What is dangerous about NiV is that there is no medicine for this virus making the fatality rate extremely high. When infected with NiV, one suffers symptoms of fever, headache, laziness, mental imbalance, fits and then goes into coma.These symptoms are seen in a person after 5 to 14 days of getting the infection. Fruit bats appear to be the natural reservoir of NiV. Domestic pigs work as amplifying host. Those working in orchards with bare hands can get infected with the virus. Evidence of NiV has been found in domesticated cats,dogs,sheep and horses.

Here are some tips to avoid Nipah :

• Keep a safe distance from trees where bats live

• Avoid contact with pigs

• Stay away from fruit bats

• Avoid contact with secretions of domesticated animals

• Don’t go near date palms

SMC has arranged four fully equipped mobile teams with doctors and eight paramedics. Hospitals around the city have been instructed to report any suspicious cases of NiV to an appointed officer.

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