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Power Loom Sector To Observe Month-Long Diwali Vacationicon

SURAT: With very nearly 25 for each penny of little power linger weaving units close because of the usage of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the staying watching a month-long Diwali get-away from October 18, control linger weavers have asked the city police to heighten night watching in the modern regions to check episodes of thefts there.

Alliance of Gujarat Weavers Association (FOGWA) office-bearers drove by its leader Ashok Jirawala met police official Satish Sharma and presented a huge number of requests in the interest of the 25,000 power linger units spread over the city.

The FOGWA expressed that the GST has broken the spine of energy linger area and weavers have collectively chosen to go on a month-long Diwali get-away from October 18. Keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from episodes of robberies in shut units, the police are required to watch the mechanical territories amid night hours.

The FOGWA additionally expressed that the financial offense wing of the city police stopped dissensions in the default cases above Rs 25 lakh, which ought to be decreased to Rs 5 lakh keeping in mind the end goal to shield the little and medium weavers from losing cash to defaulters and unreliable administrators in the material markets.

Every last material markets situated on Ring Road, Sahara Darwaja and Salabatpura regions ought to be suggested to show the rundown of shops on the passageway of their entryways with their individual GST numbers and police headquarters made a request to help weavers in default cases, it said.

FOGWA president Ashok Jirawala stated, "We have displayed the issues concerning the power linger segment to the police magistrate. The business is going through a tough situation because of GST's usage. Many power linger units have closed down over the most recent one month. Under such conditions, we require the assistance of the police to ensure the weavers."

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