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Parking Facilities Made Storage Grounds In Suraticon

SURAT: Shailesh Nagar, an official with a private bank, lives in Nanpura. Nagar possesses an auto, however doesn't have stopping a space in his territory. For the last numerous months, Nagar is stopping his auto at Surat Municipal Corporation's (SMC) multi-level stopping close Gandhi SmrutiBhavan in the wake of having paid a single amount charge to the contractual worker.

So also, a material merchant on Ring Road Krishna Aggarwal, as well, has made a course of action with the multi-level stopping contractual worker close Abhishek Market for dumping his material merchandise and in addition for stopping his auto on a month to month rental. These are not disengaged cases. Larger part of multi-level stopping and pay-and-stop offices made by the city body are being abused by the temporary workers to win colossal salary.

The SMC may have made parking spots over the city to check developing activity blockage, yet the temporary workers are rounding up moolah by giving the parking spots on rental, while the general population are compelled to stop their vehicles on street.

At the point when TOI went to the compensation and-stop office under Ring Road flyover, we discovered "potlas" of dark texture heaped up in the parking spot, leaving little space for stopping of bikes.

Stopping expense authority kid Raju said there was no space for stopping the vehicle because of dumping of dim texture packages. The bundles have a place with material brokers and they pay the stopping temporary worker month to month rental.

"I can't enable you to stop here in light of the fact that there is no space. You go additionally not far off or stop your vehicle elsewhere," the stopping charge authority kid said.

NilayJani and his significant other had gone to the material market to buy saris and dress material. They were doing the hover of the stopping range, yet couldn't discover a space to stop their auto. They even went by the multi-level stopping at Abhishek Market, however were informed that the stopping range was houseful.

"I don't comprehend, where individuals should stop their vehicles. You have pay-and-stop and multi-level stopping offices, however they are involved by merchants and tempowalas," Jani said.

The scene at the multi-level stopping at Kadar Shah Ni Naal at Nanpura was awful. The ground floor of the stopping was involved by scrap merchants and a few pushcarts were stopped inside. Whenever asked, the temporary worker said there was no parking spot accessible.

A multi-level stopping contractual worker stated, "Suburbanites here don't lean toward stopping their vehicles in the multi-level stopping. On the off chance that we don't enable others to stop on settled month to month rental, at that point we would need to close our business. We are paying great looking add up to SMC for procuring the multi-level stopping office."

Untrustworthy practices smother a decent venture

HimansshuBhatt and Melvyn.ReggieThomas

Surat: Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has set up nine multi-level stopping and 27 pay-and-stop offices over the city, alongside three extra stopping at Science Center in GhodDod, aquarium in Pal and Sanjeev Kumar hall in Adajan.

The metro body acquires Rs 11 crore for each annum from stopping offices. In any case, because of exploitative practices received by private temporary workers, people in general everywhere are denied a legitimate parking spot. Leasing of parking spots on month to month premise is especially obvious on Ring Road.

The nine multi-level stopping offices in various civil zones can oblige around 5,000 bikes and 1,000 autos. Aside from these, there are 27 pay-and-stop offices under the flyovers, open spaces, benefit streets and so on.

The city is gave with 200 feet wide streets at significant areas, yet the parking spot is exceptionally constrained. Along these lines, the suburbanites are compelled to stop their vehicles on the roadside which prompt activity growls.

Previous leader of Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry B S Agarwal stated, "Stopping is a noteworthy issue in the city. In the event that we discuss our own office in Nanpura, we don't have parking spot. Amid my residency, I had presented a proposition to the municipal body to give 100 square meter arrive in Makkai Pool to making 'bewilder stopping'— mechanized stopping of autos." Unique civil official M Nagrajan told TOI, "We will ask and make stringent move against those contractual workers who are leasing parking spots. Stopping offices are made for overall population and can't be leased by the temporary workers on a month to month premise."

Stopping METER

1 Number of multi-level stopping offices: 9

2. Number of pay-and-stop offices: 27

3. Add up to limit at stopping offices: 12,000 vehicles (autos and bikes)

4. Add up to number of autos: 3 lakh

5. Add up to number of bikes: 22 lakh.

TIMES VIEW: Surat Municipal Corporation faces umpteen difficulties in planning an unequivocal stopping approach for the city where more than 50,000 four-wheelers and 1 lakh bikes get enrolled each year. The municipal body had made stopping offices over the city, yet they are being abused by the contractual workers, who lease the space on a month to month premise. The new stopping strategy, which is probably going to be reported in a matter of seconds, ought to incorporate stringent provisos for such deceitful contract.

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