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Surat: The sacred month of Shravan, which is devoted to adoring Lord Shiva for progress, is excitedly anticipated by the dairy business since utilization of drain, yogurt and ghee sees considerable increment in the city amid this period.

Surat District Co-agent Milk Producers' Union Ltd (SUMUL) and nearby dairies are compelled to expand their yield in perspective of expanded request by individuals, especially Hindus. The interest for yogurt shoots up by 15% on Janmashtami in the city.

Choryasi dairy administrator Bharat Patel stated, "Individuals watch quickly amid the long stretch of Shravan. Accordingly, interest for drain ascends by 25% or around 10,000 liters in Surat. Interest for ghee likewise increments by 25%. We are a locale based helpful. Thus, we have constrained assets to acquire drain.

The offtake of drain and drain based items is higher amid the long stretch of Shravan contrasted with different months. Celebrations like Rakshabandhan and Janmashtami additionally fall in this month. Interest for drain goes up on the grounds that individuals perform abhishek with drain amid puja. Now and then, we can't take care of the demand."

A family unit of five individuals would regularly expend 1.5 litters of drain day by day. In any case, amid the period of Shravan, a similar family devours an additional 500ml of drain. Manish Bhatt, an officer of SUMUL, stated, "On Janmashtami alone as the interest for yogurt shoots up by 5 tons against its ordinary offer of 12 tons in a month in the city."

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