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Leopard Run Over By Car Near Bardoliicon

SURAT: A five-year-old male panther was thumped to death by an auto on Bardoli-Vyara street close Manekpore town on NH 53 on Saturday night. Backwoods authorities sent the body for posthumous which affirmed the panther passed on of mishap wounds.

The mishap occurred at around 10.30pm by a Hyundai i10 auto GJ-26-N-0799, which was driven by Hasmukh Patel (37), an inhabitant of Bhimpore town. The effect was severe to the point that airbags in the auto were conveyed. In any case, Patel did not endure wounds. In the wake of stopping the auto by the roadside, Patel educated the backwoods officers. His announcement was recorded as a major aspect of the examination.

Patel told woodland authorities that he was going to Songadh from Surat. As he crossed an oil pump close Manekpore, the panther all of a sudden hopped from the street divider before his auto. Before long, local people likewise accumulated at the spot. Amid examination of the body, jaws, paws and other body parts were discovered in place.

"The panther passed on because of mishap wounds. We have recorded the announcements of observers," said J H Rathod, agent conservator of woodland, Surat.

"Various panthers are available in the region where the mischance happened. Amid the night, development of panthers is higher and this thruway is additionally occupied, which jeopardizes their lives," said a backwoods official.

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