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Families Of Organ Donors To Be Felicitated By Presidenticon

Cadaver organ donation rate is 36 per cent in Spain and 26 per cent in the USA. However, it is just 0.05 per cent in India.In 2017 in Gujarat, out of 106 cadaver kidneys transplanted, 52 were of people who belonged to Surat. Similarly, out of 62 cadaver livers transplanted in Gujarat during the year, 28 were of residents who belonged to Surat. Out of 10 cadaver hearts transplanted in people in Gujarat and other states in 2017, nine were that of those who died in Surat. The transplantation facility is something tha the hospitals of Surat are lacking but yet organ donation has been taking place.

Therefore the cadaver organ donation rate being extremely high in Surat needs to applauded. The President Ram Nath Kovind, realised that this definitely needed to be encouraged and hence will be felicitating at least 32 cadaver organ donors’ family members, doctors, hospitals and others working to create awareness about cadaver organ donation.

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