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Extension of Runway at Surat Airporticon

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has approved 2,290 metre runway at Surat airport. The Vesu-end of the airport currently is able to use only 1,905 metres of the runway which has finally been increased to 2,290 metre due to the approval. This will now end issues of load penalty for airlines and high airfares for passengers.

Load penalty means booking seats less than available. Airlines operating in Surat were facing this problem quite a lot especially during the summer months. With this approval by the DGCA, this problem of load penalty will be put to an end. Passengers will automatically not have to pay exorbitant ticket prices.

One more benefit of this 2,290 metre runway is that this length allows international flights to operate from Surat. Further customs related permissions yet need to be sorted out with the Central Government.

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