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Brain-dead man saves 5icon

A 38-year-old brain-dead man from Kosamba gifted new life to five persons by donating his kidneys, liver and corneas.

Mahesh Vashi (38), a resident of Omnagar Society in Kosamba, had complained of severe headache and vomiting on June 1. He was taken to a private hospital in Surat, where CT scan severe brain haemorrhage. Doctors declared him brain dead on June 4.

After Donate Life volunteers convinced the family, they agreed to donate his organs. A team of IKDRC from Ahmedabad headed by Dr Mitul Shah was informed about the organ donation and they arrived at the hospital to collect the kidneys on Tuesday. The corneas were donated to Lokdrashti eye bank.

Two kidneys were transplanted in Ahmedabad residents Pradip Chauhan (35) and Yashesh Patel (16). The liver was transplanted into Mehul Patel (44), also from Ahmedabad. Eyes were donated to Lokdrashti Eye Bank.

Credits: TOI

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