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Booze Party Busted In Surat, 28 Nabbed Including 11 Womenicon

SURAT: Police struck a cabin in New City Light range from the get-go Sunday and captured 28 people including 11 ladies who were expending alcohol. They were accumulated to commend the birthday of one of their relatives subsequent to observing Navratri.

Following particular data, police attacked the home in Mohan Park Society and seized the blamed. From the spot police recuperated nine alcohol bottles worth around Rs 3,600. The blamed were reserved for utilization for alcohol and being a piece of the social affair where alcohol was being expended under different areas of Prohibition Act.

The gathering had assembled at the living arrangement of DhruvJariwala, 28, in the wake of taking an interest in Navratri festivities at a Garba setting in the city. Jariwala and his relatives were captured amid the assault and nine containers of various sorts of alcohol items including Scotch whisky, standard whisky, rum, vodka, brew and wine were recuperated. Police are yet to discover who brought the alcohol at the spot.

The denounced were taken to New Civil Hospital (NCH) for blood test to affirm what number of them had expended alcohol. The ladies who were captured were crying perpetually while meeting their relatives who had gone to the clinic and later to the court.

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