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Bootlegger Booked For ‘Crushing’ Cops’ Bike In Suraticon

A bootlegger and his two associates were booked at Mahidharpura police station on Monday for allegedly attempting to kill police constables by crushing them under their car when they tried to catch the law violators in the city. The accused ran their car over the motorcycle of the cops and when it got stuck to their vehicle, they dragged it for almost 2km fortunately, the cops were not seated on the motorcycle then.

KalpeshRana, a resident of Golwad, who is a listed bootlegger, was driving the car. The complaint was lodged by Mahesh Galji, a police constable posted at Mahidharpura police station. Mahesh and another cop Sagar, also from Mahidharpura police station, caught a person near Telephone Bhavan on Ring Road with liquor in his scooter on Monday morning. They questioned the scooterist from where he bought the liquor and he took them to a car parked at a distance. The complainant parked the motorcycle in front of the car to check the car from speeding away. The bootleggers had already seen the two cops catching the scooterist.

The bootlegger at the wheel of the car rammed into the motorcycle of the cops and it got stuck in their vehicle but they continued driving. They went up to Jilani Bridge dragging the motorcycle and later abandoned the car and escaped. Meanwhile, the scooterist had also escaped by then. Police seized the car and the scooter from the spot.

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