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Boat Ambulances In Saurashtra : An Initiative By GVK EMRIicon

GVK EMRI has embarked on the journey of starting two boat ambulances in Saurashtra. These ambulances are specially launched for the fishermen victims.They plan to set it up at two stations, namely; Okha and Porbandar in Saurashtra.

The boat ambulances will have life support equipment like stretchers, suction device, BP instruments and trained crew members for medical and pre-hospital care.

An emergency response officer based in Ahmedabad will be responsible for these boat ambulances and will capture all the necessary emergency- related information. When the boat ambulance reached the port, the patient will be handed over to the road ambulance to be taken to a hospital.

GVK EMRI has also started a mobile application in Gujarat to assist this whole venture of boat ambulances. The 108 Gujarat app helps to build a robust network of over 4,000 hospitals across the state, a pioneering move in India.The application facilities include knowing the exact location of the caller with the help of Google. The pilot of the ambulance is able to reach the site faster with the help of navigation on the app. Facilities available at nearby hospitals and blood banks can also be monitored through this application. It also helps in the preparation of a digital record of the patient in the ambulance.The caller will be able to see the real-time details of the approaching ambulance on his mobile screen.

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