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After Husband, Anamika Becomes Monk Leaving Daughter And Rs 100 Cr Wealthicon

SURAT: AnamikaRathore, 34, who had prior deferred her diksha because of inadequate lawful customs, took diksha on Monday in a concise function held in the city. Prior her better half Sumit, 35, took diksha on Saturday.

Anamika moved toward becoming SadhviAnakarShreeji after diksha by Sadhu Margi Jain Samaj Acharya RamlaljiMaharaj. Sources inside the group educated that Anamika began carrying on with an existence of priest not long after Sumit'sdiksha. She went to remain alongside other female priests after her better half's diksha. The couple had chosen to take diksha around two years back and were getting ready for that.

In the interim, the Jain people group pioneers educated that the legitimate customs for appropriation of the kid are in process. "The legitimate customs for reception and guardianship of the tyke are being finished by the relatives in Neemuch. The kid is being taken care by family thus it is not a noteworthy issue," said IndrachandKher, a Jain people group pioneer.

Prior, the couple from Neemuch of Madhya Pradesh had reported to take diksha revoking abundance of Rs 100 crore and a three-year-old little girl. Be that as it may, they couldn't take diksha together after a grumbling was recorded with Gujarat State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (GSCPCR) and Gujarat State Commission for Women (GSCW). In the protestation concerns were brought up about the little girl's future. After which a report was looked for from region authority office and city police by the concerned commissions.

On Friday, Satish Sharma, city police chief, had called the Jain people group pioneers, officers from locale gatherer office and legal counselors to talk about the issue after the report was looked for. In dialog the Jain people group pioneers consented to put diksha of Anamika on hold since legitimate customs for appropriation of the little girl of the couple was not finished.

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