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Khaaja Chowk Suraticon

Full Full Indian !

  • icon2nd floor, Ginger Hotel, Plot No. 7, Off Dumas Road, Piplod. Surat.
  • icon0261-6530312 and 9016342067
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celebrates India and its street cuisine where influences of different communities and cultures over the centuries have left their indelible mark.

Ever since it began, Khaaja Chowk has been known for its interiors and the delicacies it serves which send the guests to another foodie land, making them yearn for more and more till they cannot take more food inside yet rejoice the taste by licking their fingers and enjoying the last tit bits.

The ambience of the restaurant is beautifully designed to reflect the very spirit of the streets. The street hoardings, the “good boy” posters and the gaudily decorated scooter parked prominently inside the restaurant all come together to bring to us what has always been ours:

A spacious space to fit in around 108 people at a time and a cosy sight of the surroundings can slip you up right to North. With most of the things in red, you can see the walls oozing out with colourfully painted pictures depicting the northern Indian culture. You can spot a Sardar with a village centric artistry adjusting you to the Delhi-Lucknow culture, the places from where our tastes evolve, leaving no empty corner for your sight to ignore.

Villages are known for their comfy huts and their rooftops which make them standout from the urban-cut flats and duplexes. A miniature of such can be noticed on a line of tables having a curtain veil of artificial flowers as a covering over the heads with low hanging lamps. It is not less romantic than a candle light dinner.

Much as they try, the spawning Hamburger and Pizza chains have not altered our basic tastes and sensory perceptions of our own food. And while their standards of hygiene definitely set them apart from those of the Indian streets, their standardized menus are at odds with the vibrant sense of panache and taste that can only come from a spirit as amalgamated yet diverse as ours.

skillfully weaves spotlessly clean conditions with the intoxicating flavours of food from our Indian streets. Besides the usual papri chaats there are chaats unique only to Khaaja Chowk. The – originates from the Khaaja – a lachedaar papri if you will – topped with a chaat like dressing. The delicious palak patta chaat – a palak pakora with stuffing and garnished with vegetables, yogurt and sev is a tasty wholesome snack. A bite of the kormas, biryanis and kababs will definitely evoke flavour memories of the old cities of Delhi and Lucknow.

A perfect setting with the finger licking good food, the place is rightly serving the purpose of its name, correctly defined by the by byline- “FULL FULL INDIAN”! Think Indian food, Think Khaaja Chowk!

To visit this quirky place, let the rides wheel you to 2nd floor, Ginger Hotel,Plot No. 7, Off Dumas Road, Piplod. Surat. You can reach us at: 0261-6530312 and 9016342067

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