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Tiger Zinda Hai - Salman Khan ends the year with a Bang!icon

CAST : Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, SajjadDelfrooz, AngadBedi, Kumud Mishra and Nawab Shah
DIRECTOR : Ali Abbas Zafar
RELEASE DATE : 22 Dec, 2017
DURATION : 2 hrs 41 mins

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Credits : Inox

SYNOPSISThe sequel to the blockbuster EkTha Tiger, Tiger ZindaHai carries forward the story of two spies, Tiger (played by Salman Khan) and Zoya (played by Katrina Kaif), eight years after their previous mission.

REVIEW With Tiger ZindaHai, Salman Khan is back — as the central part of an engaging action film that has its emotions and patriotic sense in the right place.

Getting back together with Salman after the successful Sultan, Ali Abbas Zafar takes the plunge to concoct a rewarding blockbuster that treats its star as importantly as its script.

As a sequel to EkTha Tiger, Tiger ZindaHai picks up where it left off, plot wise. RAW is forced to seek their superhero, as the situation at Iraq gets out of hand: 40 nurses (25 Indian and 15 Pakistani) get trapped in a hospital, and need immediate help. In comes Tiger (Salman) to rescue the innocent from the claws of an aggressive baddie.

One thing that Tiger ZindaHai makers have unabashedly promised in the film is a reckless amount of action. The team has even roped in Tom Struthers who has worked in Hollywood hits like The Dark Knight and Inception to design the fight scenes in the film. Who doesn’t want to watch Salman Khan fighting the bad guys with some world-class punches?

But what pulls you up from joylessness are the spectacular action sequences and the nuggets of humour that are inserted during the tense moments. The camaraderie between the agents on the free-the-nurses mission, who are naturally hand-picked by Tiger himself, puts a smile on your face.

Actor PareshRawal’s slimy character leaves an impact and so does the villain SajjadDelafrooz who plays the terrorist ring leader, Abu Usman. Hollywood action director Tom Struthers has gone all out with car chases, bomb explosions, oil tankers bursting into flames and bullets being sprayed like they’re going out of style.

Talking about Katrina’s performance, the reviewer said, “While the film is largely testosterone-laced, the vision of Kaif executing deadly stunts is a bloody sight to behold. While she’s stone-faced in emotional scenes, she seems to revel in pummelling people to the ground”.

It can get a bit tiring. The twists are also painfully predictable and the ways in which Tiger outwits the terrorists aren’t particularly ingenious.

Watch this if you are in the mood to see a stoic, stone-faced swashbuckling superhero, aka Salman Khan, and some supremely well-executed action sequences. Don’t go looking for soul, though.

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