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Qarib Qarib Singlle : A Time-Pass yet Fun! icon

CAST : Irrfan Khan, Parvathy, Bajrangbali Singh, NehaDhupia
DIRECTION : Tanuja Chandra
GENRE :Comedy, Romance
DURATION : 2 hrs 05 mins

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Credits : Inox

SynopsisThe movie follows the story of two people with opposite personalities, Jaya and Yogi, who meet on an online dating app, and set out on a trip. The crazy incidents that occur during their travel make it the most adventurous trip of their lives. Will they fall in love?

Review QaribQaribSinglle is a road movie-cum-coming-of-age romance, with a bittersweet tang to it, and yet it is peppy, and fun and fresh: two adults, a man and a woman, connect via a dating site, and find that online, can, sometimes, translate into something vital and real, offline.

Chalk Yogi (Irrfan) and Cheese Jaya (Parvathy) meet by design, but there’s nothing constructed about the journey they undertake, even though the reason of their setting out is so flimsy as to be laughable.

Irrfan Khan’s new film QaribQaribSinglle works like a latte – it helps kill time, and it loosens the tongue. The sub-genre is not new. We have seen similar films before, those minty, light-brew entertainers about life’s sweet nothings. Once you ease into your seat, place your feet up and surrender to its trifling tone, things get fun. You are required to it savour it in occasional sips, taking your time, before the waiters eye you out.

Jaya is a workaholic executive, while Yogi is a motor-mouth with boundary issues. Yogi acts overfamiliar, making Jaya wonder out aloud if he’s a creepy stalker. Khan, in his wry, dead-pan style agrees with her, saying he does have a stalker-like face.His agreement with her all-too-real assessment was an icebreaker for not just that couple, but for the viewers, too.But both these characters aren’t instantly likeable. Jaya is uptight and prudish, while Yogi is full-on, perhaps even narcissistic.

But what keeps us hooked are the nuggets of humorous twists. While Khan owns the role of the optimistic, eternally jovial Yogi, South Indian actress Parvathy takes time to warm up to her role. She’s painfully ordinary and the only time she lets go is when she pops one too many sleeping pills, then goes rogue on Yogi.

What QaribQaribSinglle lacks by way of zest and zing - it isn't that the film is looking for either of these two attributes - it makes up with an expansive approach to an evolving, immature relationship that has neither a defined curve nor a designated destination. The film's mild twists are only markers for endings and beginnings that are hints, at best, of new possibilities, especially for the ever-interesting female protagonist. She isn't an average singing, dancing damsel desperate to cling on to the first man who comes her way. She is a woman who has seen enough of life not to be unduly intimidated by boredom and monotony.

For Irrfan, QaribQaribSinglle is a veritable breeze. He cruises through the film with customary elan without breaking a sweat. His comic timing is at its scintillating best. Malayalam cinema star Parvathy, in her first Hindi role, brings easy charm and intelligence to bear upon the character of Jaya. She fills every frame with a warm glow.

Summing up, here’s a film released on the most perfect weekend, with no heavyweight releases to draw away audiences from its meandering story. The unhurried rhythm of QaribQaribSinglle might put off average filmgoers but if you see value in a film that breaks away from norm and derives strength from understatement rather than flashy storytelling methods, your search ends here.

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