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Chef : It Will Leave You Hungry For More! icon

CAST : Saif Ali Khan, PadmapriyaJanakiraman, SvarKamble, Chandan Roy Sanyal, SobhitaDhulipala
DIRECTION : Raja Krishna Menon
GENRE : Drama
DURATION : 2 hours 13 minutes

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Credits : Inox

Story RoshanKalra(Saif) is a three-star Michelin chef who gets fired from New York's Gulli restaurant after he punches a customer. Forced to take a break, he flies to Kochi to spend time with his son, Armaan (Svar) and his estranged wife RadhaMenon (Padmapriya). It's a fruitful trip because he manages to mend broken family ties. In a bid to help him get his mojo back, his wife suggests he put up his own food truck and begin afresh.

Review Saif Ali Khan’s much-awaited flick ‘Chef‘is an Indian adaptation of Jon Favreau 2014’s Super Hit Hollywood film with the same name. Chef will explore the tale of a professional chef RoshanKalra (Saif) who is struggling between his work and love for his son. He trying everything to keep his son happy and spend some quality time together. He abandons his job to set up a food-truck business of his own. In an attempt to reconnect with his family, Roshan tours the city with his son and makes him taste different varieties of food and places.

The critics have applauded the flick for its engaging narration, good performances and light humour. Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, Chef is a movie about a chef played by Saif, who is very passionate about his work. Padmapriya plays his ex wife who got a divorce from him. However, they still share good relationship, and are connected by their son portrayed by SvarKamble.

In the quest to follow his passion of cooking, Saif somehow realises that he has missed out on other important things in life like loving and spending time with his son. How he later does that and what all problems arise out of it, make the crux of the story.

‘Chef’ is a good-looking film, with good-looking people. The ingredients have been carefully assembled.

Now coming to the food, you are left craving for Kalra’srotzza (a cross between a roti and a pizza) by the end of the film. The way in which Khan prepares the crispy flat bread and its spicy filling is hunger-inducing. Khan’s knifing skills and his attention to detail while cooking food are drool-worthy scenes. If you are looking for food porn, then you will be satiated here.

But his character’s decision to be a culinary sell-out by becoming a food-truck owner is swift and not wholly believable. That portion of the film as to why he would step down from his pedestal seems under-cooked. The same complaint could be levelled against Khan’s relationship with his ex-wife. While it has been handled maturely, it would have been gratifying to know why they split and got divorced. Their estrangement had no riveting back story.

But that shouldn’t stand in your way of enjoying this heart-warming drama. It’s modern, funny and leaves you hungry for more.

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