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Bareilly Ki Barfiicon

CAST:AyushmannKhurrana, KritiSanon, RajkummarRao, PankajTripathi, SeemaPahwa
GENRE:Romantic Comedy
DURATION:2 hours 2 minutes

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Credits : Inox

StoryBitti Mishra (Kriti) is a bohemian Bareilly girl who falls deeply in love with PritamVidrohi(Rajkummar) an author because she admires his progressive way of thinking. Finding him though proves to be as hard as looking for a needle in the haystack. So Bitti seeks the help of the local printing press-owner, ChiragDubey (Ayushmann) on her journey of love.

Review 2017 has been the year of small towns and adding to the league is AshwiniIyer's Bareilly Ki Barfi. Starring KritiSanon, AyushmannKhurrana and RajkummarRao in rather interesting roles, the film is a romantic-comedy set in Bareilly.

The story revolves around an unapologetic and free-spirited small-town girl Bitti(KritiSanon), who is in search of someone who would love her for the way she is.Bitti plays a middle-class girl, who after repeated rejections from prospective grooms sets her heart on PritamVidrohi (Rao) after reading a book authored by him. Chirag (Khurrana) is the only one who can help her connect with this lesser-known writer. At the behest of Chirag, Pritam dons the act of an arrogant semi-goon whom she is destined to hate. But instead of 'depressing' her, he ends up 'impressing' her.

What follows is an open challenge between the boys to marry the lady in question. There are sequences in the film, particularly the second half, showcasing a tug-of-war between the boys to lure the girl. But whom will she finally end up with is highly predictable.

As far as performances go--RajkummarRao is the scene-stealerRajkummarRao is one of the most effortless actors in Bollywood today. His onscreen chemistry with both, AyushmannKhurrana and KritiSanon is really awesome.He switches from being a shy, simpleton saree salesman to a character gone 'rogue' with complete ease.

We would like to make a special mention of PankajTripathi, who plays the Sanon's father - and has time and again proved his acting abilities. He adds to the mad comedy in the film.

Overall, 'Bareilly Ki Barfi' is a light-hearted film that leaves one asking for more. Said that, if you don't have any plans this weekend, grab a ticket and go watch this popcorn entertainer.

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