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Ittefaq : Who is the Murderer? *NoSpoilers* icon

CAST : SonakshiSinha, SidharthMalhotra, AkshayKhanna
DIRECTION : Abhay Chopra
GENRE : Crime, Mystery, Thriller
DURATION : 1 hrs 47 mins

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Credits : Inox

StoryDev (AkshayeKhanna), a police officer, is investigating a double murder case that has only two witnesses, who are also the prime suspects. The suspects - Vikram (SiddharthMalhotra), an acclaimed writer, and Maya (SonakshiSinha), a young homemaker, have different narratives about the events of that fateful night. Both the stories seem true but there can be only one truth. Dev is torn between the two versions of the story, and will not settle till he finds out what happened that night.

Review This week's big Bollywood release is Ittefaq starring SidharthMalhotra, SonakshiSinha and AkshayeKhanna. The 2017 movie is an official adaptation of the 1969 suspense thriller by the same name that featured Rajesh Khanna.

Ittefaq is a murder mystery that features Sidharth as an author, Sonakshi as a housewife, and Akshay as a police officer. Directed by Abhay Chopra and co-produced by Karan Johar, the movie revolves around a dual murder case, in which Sidharth and Sonakshi's characters are the only witnesses, and also the prime suspects.

While Sonakshi's character has one story to tell about the murder of her husband, Sidharth has another tale to narrate. Although confused, Akshay the cop is determined to dig out the truth.

The 2.27-minute trailer showcased some riveting scenes and got over 11 million views in less than 24 hours. The crime-thriller directed by Abhay Chopra revolves around a double murder with two suspects. It involves the thrilling chase by the protagonists and a tough cop trying to uncover the truth. The intense scenes will keep you guessing until the end. What happened on that ill-fated night? What happened to Vikram and Maya? Will the police be able to uncover the truth?

While both SidharthMalhotra and SonakshiSinha have established themselves in the industry with some stellar acting performances and hard-work, this is the first time they will be seen together on screen. The trailer of the film and the first song 'RaatBaaki', that saw the duo displaying some sizzling chemistry, which only makes us wonder what magic they will create in the film.

The movie has powerful dialogues coupled with a Hitchcock-esque background score in the trailer, which made for an interesting introduction to 'Ittefaq'. The audience can expect many more of such intense dialogues in the film.

This movie being a thriller and suspense, about who is the actual murderer when there are two different versions of two individual suspects, we have decided not to give away any spoilers. So if you want to know the actual murderer, guess you would have to go check it out yourself.

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